From the construction of major infrastructure to support resources projects to the development of an inner city residential tower, there’s more to building and construction than meets the eye.

We understand that making a vision into reality is a process and that every step in that process must be clearly identified and met with precision before the next can successfully occur.

Our approach...

Drawing on our extensive experience in construction law and contract preparation across a wide range of industries we provide sound commercial advice on all aspects of drafting and negotiating commercial and procurement contracts, documentation and procedures and contract administration.

We’ve helped build and establish mines, commercial buildings, oil refineries, industrial plants, bridges, pipelines, roads, rail and ports for clients across the various engineering disciplines whether it be civil, structural, mechanical, mining or manufacturing sector.  Our experience includes working with clients on traditional procurement models, such as construct only and design and construct (D&C), to relationship based procurement models, such as alliances and early contractor involvement (ECI), to ensure that the procurement approach adopted is the one that best suits the needs of our client and its project.

Procurement, contract preparation and dispute resolution are all part of the process and our construction lawyers have worked with both government and the private sector, so we understand all the angles our clients may encounter.

... to your success

We appreciate the need for plain language, commercially realistic but secure contract terms for the contracting parties.  We deliver easy-to-understand contracts that protect your commercial interests and clearly identify the scope of work and obligations of all parties to provide certainty and minimise risk.

We understand and appreciate that contracts must be understood by the people who are ultimately administering them.  Our role in preparing or reviewing contracts does not end with the drafting or final review of the contract.

We can prepare contract administration manuals describing how the contract operates, the time limits contained in it and sample pro forma notices and responses and we regularly conduct training sessions before the project commences.

Should a dispute arise, our construction lawyers are formidable advocates in construction claims resolution.  We have acted for principals, developers, contractors, suppliers and consultants across a broad section of the construction and resources industry.

We understand that a sod-turning does not signal the end of a construction project – we’ll be there right up to the ribbon cutting ceremony and beyond.