We believe we have a suite of practical value added services that will support your organisational growth and internal capacity and capability. We are aware of the resource constraints your organisations grapple with and we are flexible in offering these value added services to meet your requirements.

Outlined below are the firm-wide value added services available to you. We will always do our best to accommodate reasonable requests even when our service offerings can be impacted from time to time due to workloads and staff and facility availabilities.

If you have any suggestions for ways we can improve these value added services or other feedback on our firm and service, please contact Kate Chaundy, from our Business Development and Marketing team on +61 7 3233 8832.

Library services

McCullough Robertson has an extensive legal library in its Brisbane office manned by a small team of specialist librarians. Our staff have access to leading online resources that can assist in latest knowledge and developments about your industries and sectors. If they can’t access what you’re after, they’ll know where to find it.  Services offered include:

  • online database research
  • access to books, journals and reference material in the office library
  • online free search training

Contact: Library Manager Susie Cella on +61 7 3233 8766

Precedents library

We have a comprehensive precedents library with a wide range of regularly reviewed and legally current precedent documents which are openly shared and accessible for our staff to copy and use. The use of precedent documents means we produce documents faster and more efficiently.

Contact: Precedents Manager Susan Lynch on +61 7 3233 8561 or your Category Relationship Manager.


We produce a regular and varied number of publications that span a range of industries and topics. Our publications cover issues, decisions and regulation and legislation changes and current trends and topics directly relevant to your departments and agencies.  Some of these publications include:

Contact: Visit our website publications page or call Kate Chaundy on +61 7 3233 8832.


McCullough Robertson runs a range of events including seminars, networking events, webinars and functions that are designed to be relevant and educate your staff on issues which affect your operations.  Most of our public events are also advertised on our website events calendar.

Contact: Events Coordinator Donna White on +61 7 3233 8988.


McCullough Robertson and its industry and community partners run a range of expert training sessions across a range of industry sectors and topics. We will invite you to these insightful and practical sessions where relevant.  A selection of our public events are advertised on our events calendar.

Contact: Events Coordinator Donna White on +61 7 3233 8988 or your Category Relationship Manager.


Our Brisbane and Sydney offices include a range of client meeting spaces and conference rooms which include audio-visual and teleconferencing capabilities. Queensland Government panel agencies are welcome to use our offices for your needs, such as meetings with your clients when you are out of the office.

Contact: Events Coordinator Donna White on +61 7 3233 8988 or Brisbane reception on +61 7 3233 8888.

Free advice

We offer a reasonable amount of free advice over the phone and for strategy meetings and discussions.

  • Phone: We are happy to provide brief off the cuff advice and answer short legal questions which do not exceed 10 minutes and do not need extensive research or written opinions at no cost.
  • Strategy review / scoping meetings: A key ingredient to our success is spending time with your officers to understand our instructions, government objectives and deliver face to face advice. These ad hoc meetings will provide independent views on issues identify possible alternative approaches and be a fresh risk assessment.

Contact: Your Category Relationship Manager or nominated key personnel.


Secondments are an important means of sharing information, experience and enhancing relationships with our clients. We can supply secondments on an urgent basis. We can also include a government staff member in our firm as part of one of our teams for an agreed.

Contact: Your Category Relationship Manager or nominated key personnel.

Online portal

This Queensland Government portal outlines our Category Relationship Managers, key personnel and value added services.  We are exploring adding key project documents and relevant firm information in the future.

Contact Kate Chaundy, from our Business Development and Marketing team on +61 7 3233 8832.