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17 Dec 14
Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 (NSW) commences 1 February 2015

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  • The Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 (NSW) (Mines Act) will commence on 1 February 2015


  • Be aware of the upcoming change and our full review in the new year.

The New South Wales Department of Trade and Investment (DTI) has released the finalised Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulation 2014 (NSW) (Mines Regulations) and confirmed the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 (NSW) will commence on 1 February 2015.

The Mines Regulations will support the Mines Act and are based on national model WHS (Mines) Regulation and the additional tri-State mining provisions agreed by New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. To review the Mines regulations click here.

The new laws will repeal and replace the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002 (NSW) and the Mine Health and Safety Act 2004 (NSW) and there will no longer be separate mine safety legislation for coal mines or metalliferous and extractives mines.

The Mines Act is an important step towards the harmonisation of work health and safety laws for mining in New South Wales.

To read more about the commencement of the Mines Act and regulations, click here.

We are currently undertaking a full review of the new legislation and regulations and will provide a paper on their operation and issues with respect to implementation in the near future.

In addition, McCullough Robertson will be running training programs for clients and other interested parties to inform them of the proposed changes that will affect all mines within New South Wales in early 2015.

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