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13 May 15
ThreeSixty - May 2015

Welcome to the sixth edition of ThreeSixty, McCullough Robertson’s bi-annual magazine dedicated to Local Government and related industries.

ThreeSixty aims to keep you informed of the latest legislative changes and market trends that may affect your day to day operations both now and in the future. With stories from across Queensland and New South Wales featuring contributions from Local Government and industry specialists, ThreeSixty informs via a range of perspectives, not just ours.

Articles featured in this edition include:

  • State Government update
  • Changing policy direction midstream
  • Future is sweet as Burdekin diversifies
  • From boom to bust: what now for mining communities?
  • Royalties for Regions funds Dysart’s vital water treatment project
  • Leasing Community Assets
  • China key to Cairns’ booming economy
  • Connecting contributions with community
  • Back to the future: coastal planning
  • Seeking clarity on coastal planning policy
  • Seven ‘modern wonders’ in employee relations and safety matters
  • Vibrant, green, diverse: Sunshine Coast Council feature
  • Encouraging innovation: revisiting the tender process

Click here to read the May 2015 edition of ThreeSixty.

We trust you enjoy this edition and welcome your feedback.

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