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14 Apr 13
ThreeSixty - April 2013

Welcome to the April 2013 edition of ThreeSixty, McCullough Robertson’s bi-annual magazine dedicated to Council and related industries.

ThreeSixty aims to keep you informed of the latest legislative changes and market trends that may affect your day to day business both now and in the future.  With stories from across the state featuring contributions from Council and industry specialists, ThreeSixty informs via a range of perspectives, not just ours.

Articles featured in this edition include:

  • Legislative updateThreeSixty - April 2013
  • Killing the beast: the ULDA is dead
  • When the rains came again
    • Building it better
    • Toowoomba looks to the future
    • Grantham: lessons learned
  • Flood proofing Queensland
  • Feature: on shaky ground
  • Client feature: Gold Coast City Council
  • Procurement
  • Whitsunday ‘green’ water projects
  • Calendar of events

For your copy of the April 2013 edition, please contact Kate Chaundy on +61 7 3233 8832.

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