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4 Sep 14
The RoundUp - Spring 2014

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Welcome to the sixth edition of the RoundUp - the 2014 spring edition. As always, we remain committed to providing you with a deeper insight into topical issues within the agribusiness industry.

This edition features a very interesting discussion around competition policy in the dairy industry and some timely commercial tax reminders.  There have also been some recent changes to the family farm stamp duty concession and anti-bullying legislation that should be of interest.

Articles in this edition include:

  • Work health and safety
    Anti-bullying laws
  • Capital gains tax
    Inbound investment in Australia
  • Competition policy
    Branding 101
  • Tort reform
    Serious invasion of privacy
  • Rural succession planning
    Family farm stamp duty concession
  • Brands Act 1915
    Cattle brand clarification

Click on the link above to read the spring edition of the RoundUp.

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