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8 Jul 15
The RoundUp - Winter 2015

Welcome to the winter 2015 edition of the RoundUp. As always, we remain committed to providing you with a deeper insight into topical issues within the agribusiness industry.

In this edition of the RoundUp, we cover the Trans-Pacific Partnership, FIRB penalties and fees for rural land and its impact on agribusiness, a work health and safety update, a discussion on the GM food debate and a very insightful Q&A from Tracey Mynott from Anatara Lifesciences.

Articles include:

  • The Trans-Pacific PartnershipThe RoundUp
    Trade agreements start to pay dividends
  • Foreign Investment
    FIRB Penalties and Fees announced – Rural Land and Agribusiness Impact
  • Work Health and Safety
    Lightning, Tractors and Old Age
  • The GM Food Debate
    Why all the hysteria?
  • Q&A
    Tracey Mynott, Chief Scientific Officer at Anatara Lifesciences

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