McCullough Robertson helps get Grantham back on its feet

McCullough Robertson helps get Grantham back on its feet

McCullough Robertson helps get Grantham back on its feet

13 December 2011

The flood devastated Lockyer Valley town of Grantham is a step closer to recovery with the opening of a historic housing estate relocating residents to high ground outside the flood zone.  Premier Anna Bligh and Lockyer Valley Mayor, Steve Jones, officially opened Strengthening Grantham and the first home on the new estate on 10 December 2011, just 11 months after the devastating floods.

Leading law firm, McCullough Robertson played an integral part in the relocation process, assisting the Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) with the complex legal structure needed to move residents from the flood zone to safe territory.

Head of the firm’s community program, Partner, Heather Watson said McCullough Robertson undertook pro-bono work over a period of months to give the residents of Grantham a new start, and new hope.

'It has been quite moving to be part of the historic Strengthening Grantham development. For us, it represented, a chance to give back to a rural community.

It was a pleasure to partner with BHC, government agencies and the Lockyer Valley Regional Council, to provide the legal structures needed to make the project a reality.

We were able to identify innovative models and solutions for the occupation of new homes and designed a complex and creative legal structure with the flexibility to support a range of residents in varying circumstances.

It was humbling to work with this local community and with people who brought such passion and commitment to getting every aspect of this massive endeavour to fruition in such as short time.'

In addition to the legal work for BHC, the firm also assisted in the establishment and advised in the management of the Grantham Charitable fund on behalf of Council.

'It was truly uplifting to see the generosity of Queenslanders, and of the many people who donated to the fund and it was absolutely crucial that structures and processes were built around managing, holding and distributing those monies, including eligibility criteria and distribution.'

Lawyers involved in the Strengthening Grantham project also included property partner Kristen Butler and finance lawyer Kirby Campbell.  The Strengthening Grantham residential project involved a land-swap ballot, with 70 local families taking part and a second ballot to be held in the new year.  Council is continuing planning the use of flood zone areas with likely uses to include parkland, community market gardens and farming.

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