Litigation focus key to national growth

Litigation focus key to national growth

Litigation focus key to national growth

5 May 2015

One of Australia’s leading litigators, Guy Humble, has announced he will be stepping down as Managing Partner at Australian independent law firm, McCullough Robertson.

After some six years as the Managing Partner of the firm, Guy has decided to step back from the role and return to full-time practice as a litigator and Head of the Employment Relations, Insurance and Litigation Group at the firm.

“Whilst I have enjoyed my role as Managing Partner I am genuinely excited to focus my energy on further growing the firm’s litigation capacity and cementing our reputation nationally and internationally”, Guy said.

“We have an incredibly talented team of young litigators and leading them and working with them in a full-time capacity is something I am looking forward to.”

Chairman of Partners, Dominic McGann said, “Whilst the partners of the firm recognise the significant and lasting contribution that Guy has made as Managing Partner, we also can’t ignore that having someone with the reputation as a litigator like Guy back in full-time practice was an easy decision to support.

“Like all businesses, we need to evolve to stay ahead of the pack,” Dominic said.

“Without change there can be only stagnation and that has never been a component of McCullough Robertson’s fabric.

“I readily acknowledge that we live in challenging times and with a constricting economy coupled with ever tightening government regulation and increasing globalisation means our clients need us now, more than ever.

“We are not about to shy away from the challenges of our industry and certainly not of our clients’.  We are a firm that confronts challenge and forges a path through the obstacles with our eyes firmly focused on solutions and outcomes and we do that in partnership with our clients and the communities in which we operate.”

The firm is on the look out for an Executive Officer, however for now, it will be business as usual for McCullough Robertson with Guy continuing as Managing Partner until an Executive Officer commences.

For further information contact Kristie Fankhauser, Director of Business Development and Marketing on +61 7 3233 8876.

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