Law firm leads the way with new paid parental leave option

Law firm leads the way with new paid parental leave option

Law firm leads the way with new paid parental leave option

29 September 2011

Leading law firm McCullough Robertson is paving the way for women in the workforce, announcing today that they will pay the full parental leave payment up front.

While most employers pay 50% of parental leave up front with the other 50% paid on return to work, McCullough Robertson will be one of only a few law firms to pay the full parental leave entitlement at the start of parental leave.

Managing Partner, Guy Humble, said the decision to pay parental leave at the start of the leave period was actually an easy one for a firm that prides itself on being supportive and committed to loyal employees.

'This is a watershed decision in terms of the way most organisations pay parental leave, but for us it made perfect sense,' Mr Humble said.

'We already offer a generous parental leave package for employees who have been with the firm for over twelve months, but we have decided to change the way the benefit is paid to provide the maximum support for new parents when they need it most.'

'Certainly this is in our employee’s best interests, but it’s also in our interests.  An employee who feels supported and valued is not only more likely to return to work, they will be more productive, empowered and happy when they come back.'

'It’s good for the firm, good for the employee and good for the community at large.'

Employees taking parental leave will have the option of taking either a lump sum payment or receiving fortnightly payments at either the full or half rate. 

'Some employees will want to stay away longer than others and may prefer to continue to have that steady income stream, even if at a reduced rate,' Mr Humble said. 

'But for others, the option of a full payment in one lump sum when they first go home with their baby and have all those expenses piling up, will make a real difference.'

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