Changing of the guard

Changing of the guard

Leading law firm, McCullough Robertson announces new Chairman

1 April 2014

One of Australia’s leading native title lawyers, Dominic McGann, has been named Chairman of Partners at Australian independent law firm, McCullough Robertson.

In taking over the chair, Dominic pledged to grow the firm, both in Queensland and in New South Wales, while maintaining the firm’s commitment to excellence and its reputation for building genuine and long-lasting relationships with clients and industry partners.

"Like all businesses, we need to evolve to stay ahead of the pack," Dominic said.

"Without change there can be only stagnation and that has never been a component of McCullough Robertson’s fabric.

"Since I first joined McCullough Robertson, I have been encouraged by the enthusiasm, courtesy and determination of its people.  I see all of that today and I see it all, and more, in our tomorrow.

“I readily acknowledge that we live in challenging times.  The emergence of new firms in the market, the broader decline in the economy and the slower than expected recovery from the GFC in some sectors has reduced the capacity and willingness of some traditional clients to utilise lawyers as much as they might have in the past.

“Yet a constricting economy coupled with ever tightening government regulation and increasing globalisation means our clients need us now, more than ever.

“We are not about to shy away from the challenges of our industry and certainly not of our clients’.  We are a firm that confronts challenge and forges a path through the obstacles with our eyes firmly focused on solutions and outcomes and we do that in partnership with our clients and the communities in which we operate.”

Dominic McGann has over 30 years’ experience in commercial law and since joining the firm in 1996, has built an enviable reputation in the mining and resources sector as an authority on native title and cultural heritage, land tenure, project operation and corporate strategy.

Prior to joining McCullough Robertson in 1996, Dominic held prominent positions within Queensland Government agencies.  He was Executive Director of Crown Law, and Executive Director - Policy and Legislation Division with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

In taking over the mantle of Chair of Partners, he acknowledged the enormous contribution of his predecessor, Brett Heading.

“Brett has always shown great energy for, confidence in and hope for McCullough Robertson.

“Brett made it clear he wanted to step down as Chair while he was still ‘hitting runs’ and has made a captain’s decision to do so, at a time of his choosing. It was time, in his view, for others to step up to continue the McCullough Robertson acorn to oak tree story for which he has been so passionate”.

Brett Heading will assume the role of ‘Senior Partner’ with the firm and is looking forward to returning to full-time legal practice, after his tenure of ten years as Chairman and another 19 years in leadership and management roles.

The McCullough Robertson Executive now consists of Guy Humble (Managing Partner), Hayden Bentley (Partner), Peter Stewart (Partner) and Kristan Conlon (Partner).

For further information contact Kristie Fankhauser, Director of Business Development and Marketing on 07 3233 8876.

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