Tax Audits and Dispute Resolution

Tax Audits and Dispute Resolution

Technological advancements now allow both federal and state revenue authorities the ability to undertake real-time risk reviews of your tax affairs and those of your clients. 

If not managed effectively, tax disputes can be incredibly time consuming and costly.  In our experience, effective management of disputes begins with early and careful management of our clients’ dealings with the Commonwealth and State revenue authorities.

We represent clients in significant and complex tax disputes and can help you manage the process to secure a favourable outcome.  We combine leading tax and litigation expertise with a strategic and commercial focus to deliver the best results for our clients.

The vast majority of cases that we handle settle before reaching the Tribunal or the Courts.  We will always seek to achieve settlement whenever possible which remains our strategy in every case.  When necessary, however, we are well-equipped to progress a dispute for determination by a Tribunal or Court on your behalf.  We have an extensive track record in the state administrative tribunals, the Federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal and in the State and Federal Courts.

In all disputes with revenue authorities, it is the taxpayer who bears the onus of proving the assessment is excessive or that the decision is not the correct and preferable one.  If the taxpayer does not meet that onus, on the balance of probabilities, then the assessments or the decision will stand.  Our focus is on the early identification of the facts and evidence on which the law applies and setting a strategy for resolution of the dispute.

We have extensive experience working in multi-disciplinary teams with other professional advisers including our clients’ accountants and valuers.  Some of our work is referred by accountants and tax professionals who require expert assistance in resolving or preventing disputes on behalf of their clients.  We believe it is in the best interests of the client that we take a collaborative, inclusive approach to working with other professional advisers.

We can help you with:

  • managing risk reviews
  • managing the tax audit process and responding to inquiries from Commissioners
  • responding to the use of the Commissioner’s access and information gathering powers
  • responding to position papers issued by the revenue authorities
  • objections to assessments or reviewable decisions
  • appeals or review applications to the Tribunal or the Court
  • avoiding uncertainty by obtaining a private ruling
  • reviewing your proposed tax position prior to lodgement of your return
  • freedom of information requests
  • alternative dispute resolution strategies, and
  • recovery of action, statutory demands and garnishee notices.