State Taxes

State Taxes

Combining the strength and breadth of our industry focused lawyers with the expertise and knowledge of our taxation lawyers ensures clients receive advice regarding their transactions that is targeted, practical and precise.

Successfully navigating the range of state-based taxes and duties is vital in achieving commercial outcomes across all industry sectors, including the non-profit sector.

Payroll tax

Payroll tax is a significant impost on business and often the focus of significant audit activity by State revenue authorities - particularly regarding the legislative provisions regarding grouping of businesses and the contractor provisions.  Our taxation lawyers have experience in analysing the effects of the grouping provisions and in making applications for exclusion from grouping across the different State and Territory jurisdictions.  We have also advised extensively on the contractor provisions, to assist businesses accurately identify their payroll tax obligations.

We have assisted clients with voluntary disclosures of identified unpaid payroll tax, as well as seeking refunds of overpaid payroll tax.

Our taxation lawyers are also experienced with managing audits, the objection and appeal processes, if that course of action becomes necessary, together with related settlement negotiations over primary payroll tax, interest charges and penalties.

Land tax

In addition to more commonly recognised taxes impacting on property transactions - such as duties, capital gains tax and goods and services tax - land tax can be a significant cost to businesses and investors.  Issues relating to the application and management of land tax need to be considered and understood by an increasing range of landowners, including developers, corporate agribusiness and nonprofit organisations.

It is important to understand the land tax exemptions and concessions that are available, including exemptions available to primary producers, charitable organisations and main residence ‘deductions’ in instances where properties are held in trust and used by beneficiaries as their principal place of residence. 

We are focused on achieving the very best outcomes for our clients by offering considered, professional and tailored advice on all options for concessions, exemptions and objections (to both valuation decisions and land tax assessments) - because every situation is different.