Native Title

Native Title

Native title and cultural heritage issues can be complex and require sensitivity, patience and a forensic understanding of legislation and community expectation.

Increasingly, native title and cultural heritage have become blended as issues.

Our dedicated team has advised many resource companies, infrastructure projects and explorers over the years on their obligations in this area, preparing cultural heritage management plans and native title agreements that get results.

We understand the requirements of infrastructure and resource projects to deliver appropriate, commercial and cost-effective services.  This is where sensitivity and commonsense come together.

Coupled with our broad experience in communicating and negotiating with Indigenous communities, we turn issues into outcomes.

Our highly experienced native title lawyers advise and negotiate on behalf of various clients on all aspects of native title issues.

Our expertise includes negotiating, drafting and advising on Indigenous Land Use Agreements, Right to Negotiate Agreements and preparing advice for clients with respect to specific native title issues.

We pay particular attention to matters relating to future acts, land access and resource and mining and infrastructure projects.