Joint Ventures and Alliances

Joint Ventures and Alliances

Seeking legal advice early is crucial to the success of any joint venture or alliance.  Whatever the industry, you need to be sure that your business interests and commercial objectives are protected and championed.

We are experienced in structuring, negotiating and establishing joint venture arrangements across a range of industries including mining and resources, technology, property development and food and agribusiness.

We understand the risks and challenges of modern business transactions and we know that embarking on a new venture, or expanding an ongoing concern, takes courage and innovation.

Our role in joint venture transactions includes:

  • managing the due diligence process (including establishing a full electronic database of materials)
  • undertaking global negotiations
  • obtaining regulatory approvals in multiple jurisdictions
  • obtaining counterparty approvals under material contracts
  • implementing complex and innovative structuring techniques, and
  • preparing tailored and strategic documentation.

We have advised some of the largest Australian and multinational companies in the area of joint ventures and alliances, covering offshore and inbound investment and the acquisition and disposal of joint venture interests.

Our unique ability in bespoke structures includes government and non-government ventures, ventures between Government Owned Corporations and venture between global operators.