Insurance Health Check

Insurance Health Check

Insurance Health Check

Busy executives responsible for the health and well-being of their corporate entities face additional pressure where insurance issues are concerned.  This aspect of corporate health presents a number of challenges.

With the recent changes to the insurance industry, the general expectation is that premiums will not reduce to any significant extent and cover will not be easier to obtain.  Putting these aspects to one side, the real challenge for many executives is knowing whether their business risks and exposures are properly covered.  For many, there is an even greater challenge in considering if traditional insurance continues to be the most appropriate method for covering some of these risks.

To add to the pressure, directors are now asking for a sign-off from their executives that a company has appropriate insurance.  This has become a real concern as many Directors’ and Officers’ liability policies are now endorsed to the effect that insurers will not be liable for losses connected with failure to obtain and maintain adequate insurance.  In certain circumstances, directors may be found negligent or in breach of their fiduciary duty by failing to ensure a company has adequate insurance.  Is it any wonder that health issues arise?

This is where Insurance Health Check comes to the rescue!

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