Insurance Broker Tendering

Insurance Broker Tendering

Our Insurance and Corporate Risk (ICR) group offers an innovative, independent and robust broker tender service.  The broker tender model is focused on creating a critical, in-depth and informative process to enable a confident broker tender appointment.

Why undertake a broker tender?

Most businesses engage the services of an insurance broker to design and manage their insurance programs.  Unfortunately, the service delivery and expertise of insurance brokers can vary significantly from one insurance broker to the next.

Your business may need to conduct an insurance broker tender if:

  • you are not sure what your insurance broker does
  • your insurance broker’s service delivery is reactive not proactive
  • your insurance costs have increased over the past four years
  • you are not sure how your insurance costs compare to industry benchmarks
  • you don’t have an insurance broker service contract
  • you don’t know how much you are paying your insurance broker for their services
  • you have not had an insurance broking tender for three years or more, or
  • your business, and therefore your insurance needs, have changed.

Our insurance broker tender service will ensure participation from the leading insurance brokers to secure the best possible outcome to meet your current and future insurance needs.

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