Financial Services

Financial Services

There's little doubt the post GFC world is a different place for financial services organisations with ever-tightening controls on markets, products and participants.

In Australia major reform continues for financial advisers, funds, brokers, custodians, superannuation trustees, banks and ratings agencies.

Our experienced team of financial services lawyers understand that operating successfully in the current environment requires more than a thorough knowledge of the Corporations Act 2001 and an appreciation of the growing regulatory regime.

The ability to anticipate the future for financial services comes from our deep understanding of the industry and the relationships we have built with business and industry leaders in the sectors that drive our economy.

We provide expertise in Australian financial services licensing, funds management, compliance and fundraising.  Our lawyers act for wholesale and retail fund managers, managed investment and financial service clients including financial advisers, income and finance funds, equity funds, property trusts (listed and unlisted), hedge funds, agribusinesses, superannuation funds, strata title and timeshare schemes.

Services provided to clients include structuring single and multiple purpose trusts and other fundraising vehicles, funds management operations and ongoing advice to fund managers and financial planning businesses.  We work with our clients in the acquisition, merger and stapling of funds and funds management businesses.