Climate Change

Climate Change

Increased and ongoing changes to environmental regulation requires tailored solutions to ensure that you meet your obligations and achieve sustainable outcomes for your business or project. 

Business needs to be aware of existing regulatory obligations as well as potential opportunities and liabilities. We have established a Carbon Services team to assist industry to minimise the impact of regulation and to support carbon procurers to make the most out of opportunities. Our experience, and our relationships with both the resources and agribusiness sectors puts us at the forefront of this complex area of law.

There are increasing opportunities under the Commonwealth’s Carbon Farming Initiative that may add additional revenue streams to your business while reducing carbon emissions.

We understand the need to balance transactional costs against ongoing risk, and we work closely with our clients, by being embedded in their business, to provide both legal and commercial advice.


The regulatory framework is a complex tangle of local, state and commonwealth regulations and requirements, but it also provides opportunities. Business must ensure they meet obligations with minimum disadvantage, while maximising any opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

We’ve been following the evolving climate change policies for a long time. Our experienced lawyers are able to advise on the appropriate carbon abatement and emission reduction strategies, insurances and climate change risk management plans that best suit your business and environmental objectives, taking into account ongoing changes in government policy.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is expected to play an increasingly important role in Australia’s energy mix over the next two decades, especially in electricity generation. Many industry players are branching out in this direction and new projects are being planned or commenced every day.

We draw on our knowledge of the sector and our expertise in project start ups, operation and expansion to achieve success for our clients in this area.

Property and environmental management

Modern projects and building designs are increasingly focused on sustainability. We work closely with business, from concept through to construction to integrate green building initiatives, including leasing and commercial fit outs, new building design and construction and green ratings systems.

We also advise on environmental management for projects in the forestry, resources, infrastructure and energy sector, from new developments to expansions.

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