NSW State Government Seminar series

NSW State Government Seminar series

NSW LEAD series

Legal Education and Development seminars designed specifically for NSW State Government staff.

With a focus on risk management, NSW State Government legal staff and senior managers must be aware of the risks and opportunities that the law presents across their portfolios.

McCullough Robertson is dedicated to helping you make a positive difference for our state.  Delivering major projects geared at further strengthening infrastructure, generating greater economic opportunity and promoting social cohesion throughout New South Wales requires the navigation of significant legal issues.  These LEAD sessions provide you with valuable information on the potential case law and legislative issues facing your operations and are applicable to both legal staff and senior managers. 


This session will examine the new and varying ways that workers are being engaged, from independent contracting and partnerships, to the on-demand economy and the
potential legal implications of these structures.   

In this session, Employment Partner Tim Longwill, will deal with current influences on the labour market, including the increased penetration of technology and the rise (or return) of the gig economy. 

Tim will also discuss the limits of government continuing to legislate workers as either employees or contractors and recent approaches that have provided productive flexibility in the workplace without being either.   

This session is useful for any government lawyer, manger or HR professional who deals with employment matters, particularly those who deal with employment contracts.


Date:   Thursday 28 September 2017 
Time:  8.00am - 9.00am
Breakfast included
(Breakfast from 7.45am)

McCullough Robertson Auditorium 
Level 32, MLC Centre
19 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

Seminars can be video conferenced to our Newcastle office at Level 2, 16 Telford Street upon request only.